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Director's Statement

Soon after we met, my ex-girlfriend, Candace, began talking about Tantra and suggested that we explore it together. We were interested in learning about Tantra but both of us were reluctant to go to a heterosexual workshop. Like many lesbian and bisexual women, we did not fit into the traditional Tantric paradigm with its specific roles for male and female participants and wondered if we would feel safe exploring intimacy and sexuality in a heterosexual setting. Thus, we began our search for lesbian Tantra and were surprised to find no books, no videos, and no information. This changed three years ago when we discovered that Marcia Singer was offering a lesbian Tantra class at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. The experience of taking that class inspired me to make Hearts Cracked Open so other women might not have to wonder whether lesbian Tantra exists. It does!

Because Hearts Cracked Open is the first film about Tantra for women who love women, I wanted it to reflect as many perspectives as possible: singles, couples, young women, older women, deeply spiritual women and women mainly interested in the sexual techniques. The film is not strictly instructional but rather an introduction to Tantra structured by the teachers' and students' candid stories about what Tantra means to them and how it has shaped their lives and relationships. Hearts Cracked Open hopes to promote discussion about our sexuality and coupling in the lesbian community while also celebrating it.

Although I am trained as a filmmaker, I have had to balance my desire to create my work with the disability, fibromyalgia, which has caused me chronic pain over the last seven years. As my Tantra practice has grown and developed, I have noticed a decrease in pain and its related depression and an increase in my general sense of well-being. Acknowledging how Tantra has helped me personally, I was inspired by the potential to help other women and decided to undertake the process of making Hearts Cracked Open, my first feature-length project. I hope the film increases awareness throughout the lesbian community of the tremendous power of Tantra even for those who do not see themselves in need of healing in the traditional sense but are still affected by homophobia, lesbian invisibility, sexism, and negative images of lesbian coupling in our society.

I see Hearts Cracked Open as an integral step in my healing journey and am hopeful that it may impact others in a similarly powerful way. As I struggled through pain and fatigue while making this film, I also grew enormously as a person and increased exponentially what I am capable of doing. May you find it helpful to you on your own path. Blessings.

Betsy Kalin

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